Northampton Business Networking Group Name Droppers Is On A Mission.

Northampton Business Networking Group “Name Droppers” is on a Mission.

Any business, no matter what niche market it operates within, cannot survive without sales. Sales is, as the oxygen is to our lungs; without it we simply die, and so will your business if it is starved of sales. That is the exact reason that we started up the Northampton business networking group, Name Droppers. If in polite society name dropping is thought of as being somewhat crass, it is certainly not so in the business world – quote the opposite in fact, and that is how we came to christen our new venture.

Since we launched Name Droppers, we have gone from strength to strength, and we have seen our membership grow phenomenally, and now we would like to continue that expansion by inviting you, the reader, to join our business networking Northampton membership. So, let me tell you a little bit more about Name Droppers; what we are; what we do; how we do it, and most of important of all, how it can benefit your business.

Our Northampton business networking group, Name Droppers, is targeted towards SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises). The larger boys have the huge budgets that afford them mega advertising rights. But for SMEs, advertising budgets are seldom very large; indeed, they are usually one of the most costly overheads, particularly when they do not bring in a good return on the investment.

I think that you will all agree that referrals are one of the best ways of getting sales. When it comes down to it, we all prefer to buy from people that we both like, and trust. Networking is the new buzzword, but it doesn’t just relate to the internet, as many people think, (although the internet is of course a very exciting marketplace); it relates to real businesses in the real world. The internet is great, but its one big drawback is that it’s so impersonal, and it’s that personalised element that we here at Name Droppers are intent on culturing.

Come Join Our Business Networking Group in Northampton

If you want to generate good business and work with like minded business people who will want to get to know you and your business, then contact Name Droppers today to find out more and arrange for a free trial attendance.

Phone us today to find out more about Northampton Business Networking

Chris Dyer       :  01604-930059

Sheila Smith   :  07809 635181

Northampton is one of the UK’s most vibrant business regions, and it contains literally thousands of SMEs. Our aim at Name Dropper’s (the new Northampton business networking group), is to alert these businesses to your company’s existence, and to introduce you personally to other ”movers and shakers” , who shape our local business economy. We so this by inviting you to attend one of our regular events here in Northampton, where you can meet your peers, listen to a stimulating business presentation on a particular business topic, take place in the debate, and swap ideas with other attendees.

This is business networking as it is meant to be; personal, face to face contact with other business owners all wanting to pool their knowledge and grow their networking environment. Name Droppers are leading and supporting that ideal, and as an incentive to all members, membership fees have been put aside for the coming year, so there’s never been a better time to get involved.

With plenty of exciting events already planned for the coming year, why not get in touch and book your place now? Aside from being able to enjoy a hot buffet breakfast and a stimulating presentation, all for just £10, you can sample the networking potential that membership of the Northampton business networking group, Name Droppers, makes available to you. It’s a win, win proposal.


Next Meeting

  • Thursday 23rd August @ 7.00pm – Late – Brampton Heath Golf Club

    You are invited to laze away this summer evening on a private terrace overlooking the golf course and idyllic open countryside beyond as you tuck in to a sizzling hot hog roast and savour a glass of something chilled. This informal treat is supported by Brampton Heath Golf Club and vegetarians will be catered for.Live music from local band Moulton Lava & Inspiration FM’s Jon Liburd. Friends, partners & business associates are most welcome too. Cost? just £10 each. Call Sheila Smith on 07809 635181 or click here for more details

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